How long does the drilling process take?

   Depending on site location and geological formation ridge wells can take 1 to 3 days to complete.  Normally all other wells are completed in a day.


Where should I locate my new well?

   There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a location for your new well.  Following the State of Wisconsin water well code, certain distances are required to be maintained from pollution sources such as septic tanks and drain fields, animal yards, fuel storage tanks, quarries, dumps, etc.  Generally speaking, most people plan the septic system down grade from the house and well location.  A good location for the well is 15-20 feet off the side of the house.  This makes the site easily accessible to the pump installer and minimizes landscape damage that could occur should your pump need maintenance in the future.  All sites may vary.


How do I know what the quality of my water will be?

   Water quality can vary from site to site.  Through our experiences drilling in Southwest Wi., Mike has a general idea of what the water quality may be.  Another way that you can investigate the water quality in your site area is to ask neighbors how their water is.  Unfortunately, due to geological conditions water quality and quantity cannot be guaranteed.


Do I need to coordinate your crew with other contractors at the building site?

   Yes, coordination between contractors at the site is very important to avoid having one crew being in the way of another and possibly slowing down the project.


How do I start the well drilling process?

Call 608-375-4436 and schedule your well today.